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Redleaf endoscope with monitor RDE-1005MR 5m

4.3-inch LCD monitor The images recorded with the Redleaf RDE-1005MR inspection camera can be viewed..

119,19€ Bez nodokļa: 98,50€

Redleaf WiFi Endoscope RDE-605WR 5m

Endoscope can be wirelessly connected to mobile devices based on Android (from version 4.2) or iOS (..

90,00€ Bez nodokļa: 74,38€

The Redleaf RDE-202US WiFi endoscope 2m

The Redleaf RDE-202US WiFi endoscope uses USB interface, so we can connect it to many different devi..

17,00€ Bez nodokļa: 14,05€

Endoskopi, Darbarīki, Instrumenti